B&G Tuckpointing has the highest regard for the property of our customers. We lay down tarps in the areas we are performing the work. We cover AC units to ensure no dust is blown into the house when we are grinding. We cover all drains with duct tape to make sure no debris clogs the pipes. We put plastic over all plants and flowers so mortar dust does not get on them or harm them. We put plastic on all wires so mortar droppings will not stain them. We put sand on all window sills below the area we are working so mortar droppings do not stain them or ruin the paint.  

At the end of the job, we blow all dust away and hose everything off. Finally, we clean your neighbors property the same as we do yours so you can maintain a positive relationship with them.

B&G Tuckpointing knows the last impression you are going to have, besides our great and quality work, is our impeccable clean up.  Our goal is to have your property cleaner when we leave then when we arrived!

B&G Tuckpointing knows that your house is your biggest investment. We aim to enhance the appearance and improve the integrity of your house or building. 

We look forward to gaining your trust as well as building a long term relationship with you.

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